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In my view 'Project Procurement' type automation tools should now be an essential and mandated client requirement that assists owners engineers/constructors undertaking feasibility studies and capex projects for their client's. These 'Project Procurement' tools such as the 'Procurement Exchange' Platform ensure governance and risk is appropriately managed and administrative burden reduced. Unfortunately the lack of these tools deployed on projects have lead to cost over runs, schedule blow outs and procurement being labelled as a mere administrative type function. How can a client have surety in the procurement function if fail safes are not affected? Glenn Turley  - Founder I Testimonials I

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Our proprietary 'e-Governance' Module Training via online Framework Help System
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Ten reasons our ‘Procurement Automation’ works

The ‘Procurement Exchange’ solution is:

  1. ‘Fit for Purpose’;
  2. Applies advanced automation techniques to a client’s business;
  3. Improves Value for Money (VfM) Outcomes;
  4. Has in built risk, fraud and anti-corruption mechanisms;
  5. Has high levels of transparency via web logs and in built workflows;
  6. Includes a scalable ‘Governance’ matrix (Patent lodged).
  7. Allows for sanctioned/client approved business transactions;
  8. Significantly reduces Administrative Burden;
  9. Increases significantly supplier participation and uptake;
  10. Designed by practitioners for practitioners.

What people say about our solution

'Procurement Exchange' is:

  • Australian Made
  • Engages Australian based Personnel and Consultants - Our Team
  • A web based business application
  • A 'Source' to 'Contract' business solution
  • Designed by Project Management, Procurement and Assurance Experts
  • Production Ready
  • Applies Advanced Automation Techniques
  • Patent Lodged for ‘Probity & Governance’ mechanisms

The 'Procurement Exchange' end to end Procurement functionality includes:

  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)
  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Supplier Pre-Qualification
  • Tender Formation to Tender Close
  • Post Tender Close - Review, Short list and Recommendation
  • Contract Negotiation and Award

Key features and corresponding benefits I Why our technology works! I

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Our Technology. Your Advantage.


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Modules and Business Systems


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Our Business Systems

Latest News

Why our technology is smart   I  The Costs of a flawed Tender Process  I  Work Package Management technique enabling CLM   Inadequate Variation Management significantly increases Costs  I   Rid Your Project of Rogue Elements   I

Why our technology is smart!


'Governance' Patent Lodged


Why Procurement Exchange Works!

Rid your project of rogue elements

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The Procurement Exchange Automation:

  • Implements Value for Money Principles

  • Improves Strategy and Planning

  • Improves Transparency and Governance

  • Reduces Technical and Commercial Risk

  • Reduces Administrative Burden

  • Increases Client and Supplier Engagement

Why use our technology?

Overview of Technology I Summary of Modules I Testimonials I Fast Facts I

Simplifies complexity. Lowers procurement costs. Improves productivity. Drives accountability. Mitigates risk.

Client Managed Service


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We provide the software I You provide the practitioners


We provide the software I We provide the practitioners

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For Small Studies and Capex Projects

Dedicated Portal I In depth Procurement automation

Client resources manage Procurement

Client Managed Service - Software Only


Sourcing License (Strategic Sourcing)

Supplier Registration I EOI I ECI I Supplier Approvals I

Dedicated Portal I In depth Procurement automation

Client resources manage Procurement

Client Managed Service - Software Only

Why our technology is smart!


'Governance' Patent Lodged


Why Procurement Exchange Works!

Select the client organisation you wish to participate with:




BCI Buckland Project


Procurement as a Service (PaaS)

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Source to Contract

  Supplier Sourcing 

  •  Supplier registration
  •  Supplier expression of interest

  Early Contractor Involvement

  • Contractor Participation

  Pre- Qualification - Application and Rating

  •  Supplier pre qualification
  •  Contractor pre qualification

  Award Management

  •  Award negotiations
  •  Contract agreements
  •  Letters of regret (Dear john) 

  Tender Management

  Formation to Tender Close

  •  Planning & requisitioning
  •  Request For Tender (RFT) creation
  •  Tender clarifications and number notices (addenda)
  •  Tender preparation and tender lodgement

  Post Tender Close - Review to Recommendation

  • Electronic tender box
  • Standard evaluation model
  • Advanced evaluation model
  • Tender recommendation
  • Tender/pre award negotiation

View Slide Show I Modular Procurement that works!

Procurement Exchange offers a 'Modular Procurement' arrangement to client's to offer increased flexibility through the procurement cycle.

Select the Module you would like to view:

Supplier System



Supplier Qualification

Tender Management


Supplier Insight

Principal Management


Project Management and Business Systems

Procurement Exchange is not just a 'Project Procurement' system but rather an electronic mechanism for a client organisation and their supplier's to undertake commercial business processes and transactions with the procurement cycle.

Essential (Non - Procurement) type systems within the Framework include:

  • Engineering and Technical Management;

  • Document Management;

  • Workflow Management;

  • Messaging;

  • Authorization Management;

  • Supplier/Stake holder functionality.

A comprehensive Commercial Framework

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'Project Procurement' technology that rocks


Our business enablers


Compelling reasons to automate your procurement process


Smart Contracts Protocol




Smart inbuilt contract negotiation tools

What is 'Smart Contracts'?

Procurement Exchange Modules

We have removed complexity and increased scalability by introducing Modules into our Framework.

Client's benefit, as well as supplier's through utilising this fit-for purpose, practitioner designed web application.


General Construction



'New Tender Method' - 10 Videos

Procurement 'Out Sourced' Service


Testimonials - 8 Videos

Client Managed Service


Full Managed Service

We provide the software I You provide the practitioners


We provide the software I We provide the practitioners

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Why Procurement Exchange?


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Modules and Business Systems


Supplier Starter Pack


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What people say about our technology

Practitioner Assessments

Byron Ramsden - Expert (Risk, Governance & Quality Assurance)


It is interesting how large organisations have a reluctance to embrace technologcial advances in the "Project Management" environment.

Procurement Exchange being a cloud based procurement framework significantly reduces procurement effort, reduces paper, improves governance and provides absolute transparency of transactions. Yet the resistance to the technology is astounding. Could it be that there is a culture of "we have always done it that way" that is blurring our vision of what could be achieved through the adoption of smart technology.

As program and project managers we have a responsibility to have as many tools in our tool box as we can to provide best program/project outcomes.

Byron Ramsden

19 January, 2016


Daniel Simpson - Senior Contracts and Procurement Manager


Free Procurement Software for Business. Conditions apply

'Procurement Exchange' is a web based business application. A Framework designed for client organisations who wish to achieve improved governance, productivity and stakeholder relationships. The technology encourages supplier collaboration, stakeholder accountability and implements value for money (VfM) principles.


Centre Led Arrangements, Capex, Opex, Studies, Transformation Programs, Site Purchasing/Field Procurement

Automation This. Automation That. What's it all about?

Put simply 'Automation' provides the certainty based on pre set rules that processes will be followed and guarantees that a certain quality of service will be delivered.

These can be categorised into the following 'Business Enablers':

  • Value for Money (VfM)
  • Probity & Governance
  • Productivity
  • Stakeholder Management.

What does BC Iron say about 'Procurement Exchange'?

Mining & Metals


Oil & Gas and Energy


Aid, Relief & Recovery Arrangements


Transport Infrastructure


We bring Procurement Exchange to your industry!

Check below for your industry.

Aid Relief and Recovery

Renewable Energy

Mining & Metals

General Construction

Transport Infrastructure

Ports & Marine

Oil & Gas

Telecommunications & Broadcasting


Ground Breaking Technology. Simplifying Complex Procurement Processes.

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